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Farm Radio International

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Farm Radio InternationalCommunicating with radio listeners to conduct live polls and send reminderseHealth AfricaSolving public health crises with mobile technologyZALORACross-channel marketing with SMSGrabRide-sharing and logistics streamlined with SMSMédecins Sans FrontièresAppointment reminders and innovative SMS-based interventionsAnouIntegrating SMS with an online marketplaceNew IncentivesMobile money and airtime as public health incentivesYesBossVirtual concierge and personal assistant via SMSDimagiDeploying M-Health services in challenging environmentsSingapore Swimming AcademyCoordinating classes with instructors and studentsFemina HipAudience interaction with an SMS counseling and advice hotlineKiva.orgDirect communication with microfinance borrowersAsset Monitoring SolutionsCommunicating with GPS devices for vehicle tracking and fleet managementWeFarmSharing farmers' knowledge internationally via SMSmyAgroSMS payment system for farmersInVentureProviding credit scoring and financial literacy training to unbanked individuals worldwideEco Fuels KenyaConnecting with everyone in the supply chain&WiderResearching working conditions via IVR surveysNuru EnergySpreading product awareness and tracking paymentsCharity ScienceImproving public health via vaccination remindersTataSupply chain tracking and customer relationship managementAction Against HungerCollecting data in rural areas for early warning of humanitarian crisesCaucus for Children's RightsLarge-scale community advocacy via SMS
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