Product Overview

The SMS and voice platform to power your organization.

Telerivet makes it easy to connect with your customers, reach your community, and streamline your business operations.

Your messaging command center.

Telerivet serves as your organization's SMS command center, freeing you to easily manage all your mobile messaging services and campaigns from any web browser.

Used by organizations in 150+ countries, Telerivet makes it easy for anyone to build their own SMS and voice messaging systems.

Streamline your communications by creating automated messaging services, including polls, subscriptions, auto-replies, interactive voice response systems, and more.

Send and view SMS in your browser

Easily send SMS messages from any computer or smartphone, while managing incoming responses. Search and manage the history of SMS conversations for each contact.

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Schedule messages and calls

Streamline communication by scheduling messages and calls for particular times or recurring intervals – great for appointment and event reminders.

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Organize contacts

Send targeted messages by organizing contacts into groups, adding custom contact fields, and filtering contacts.

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Efficient data import and export

No need to enter everything by hand. Import your contacts or messages from Excel or any spreadsheet program. Export your data to a spreadsheet whenever you want.

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Manage your organization's messaging on the go

Telerivet's Android and iOS apps give you the full power of the web dashboard. You can send messages and view replies on your personal phone – all while using your organization's number to send messages, not your personal phone number.

Automated Messaging Services


Add contacts to announcements lists. They can join by texting in, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

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Automate replies to incoming messages. Send welcome messages to new contacts, or tailor responses to incoming keywords (like "help" or "hours").

Polls and surveys

Gain better insight into your contacts by sending messages or automated calls that ask multiple-choice or open-ended questions.

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Create your own automated service

Build a custom communication service using our Rules Engine or Developer API.