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Powerful tools for small projects and campaigns


Superior global scalability, customization, and support
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Included messaging capacity
Direct connectivity Unlimited messages / day
+ per-message costs
Unlimited messages / day
+ per-message costs
Unlimited messages / day
+ per-message costs
Bring your own connectivity 1,000 messages / day5,000 messages / day10,000,000+ messages / day
Enhanced contact storage 1,000 contacts5,000 contacts10,000,000+ contacts
Custom automation BasicAdvancedAdvanced
Maximum number of routes 15150+
Maximum user login accounts 25150+
Maximum stored messages 100,000500,00025,000,000+
Maximum active automated services 15100+
Included daily service invocations 2,50015,0002,500,000+
Included daily API requests 5,00025,0002,500,000+
Click Tracking
Natural Language Understanding
+ $0.0025 per intent detection
Support level limited supportemail supportpriority support

Telerivet also offers custom service plans for organizations and projects of any size – whether you're a small team sending messages to a few hundred people, or a global enterprise communicating with millions worldwide.

Contact us at support@telerivet.com to design a custom plan with the features and limits you need.

Get started with no payment required.

Test Telerivet for free with up to 50 messages per day and 50 contacts.

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Per-Message Costs

In addition to the cost of your Telerivet service plan, you may also be charged for incoming and outgoing messages by your mobile network or virtual phone number provider. The per-message rates depend on the method you use for sending and receiving SMS:

Android Phone »
Outgoing SMS rates vary by mobile network. Incoming messages are free in most countries.
Virtual Number »
Rates vary by country and provider, and can be as low as $0.0075 per outgoing SMS.
SMS Shortcode »
Connect your own shortcodes to Telerivet. Rates vary by provider.

Powerful features included in every plan

Send/receive SMS in any browser
Android and iOS app
Customizable workflows and rules
Admin tools and stats
Quick-start templates
API access

Optional Features

Contact us at support@telerivet.com to design a plan with the features you need.
Airtime Topup & Transfer
Send airtime to prepaid mobile phones as a reward or participation incentive, or top-up the airtime on your own SIM card directly from Telerivet. Learn more »
Click Tracking
Shorten links and track which contacts clicked a link in your message.
Custom Gateways
Integrate with an SMS shortcode or another gateway API.
Custom Domain Name
Access your Telerivet account from your own domain name like sms.example.com, and hide Telerivet branding from users. Configure a custom domain for branded short links.
Natural Language Understanding
Create conversational AI chatbots that use natural language understanding (NLU) to detect intent and extract data from messages in more than 30 languages.
Automatic Message Resend & Failover
Configure custom rules to automatically resend failed messages and failover between routes.
Cloud Data Export
Automatically export and backup messages, contacts, and other data to the cloud. Connect your own Amazon Web Services S3 account for data storage.
Static IP Address
Configure Telerivet use a static IP address for outbound HTTP requests if you need to allow inbound traffic from specific IP addresses in your firewall.
Cloud Script Modules
Run Cloud Script API code from an external codebase hosted on GitHub, or push code to Telerivet directly from your development environment. Use source control to track version history.
SAML Single Sign-On
Allow users to log in via your organization's single sign-on identity provider (SAML 2.0).
Contact Data Sync
Synchronize contact information and opt-out status across multiple Telerivet projects.
Telerivet Enterprise
Scalable solutions for global companies and organizations. Learn more »

Custom Pricing and Services

Need additional features or services?
Contact us at support@telerivet.com and tell us what you're looking for.