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Infinitely versatile text and voice platform for organizations anywhere in the world.

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Enterprise-grade messaging command center

Engage customers, streamline business operations, and reach your community. Create broadcasts, polls, auto-replies, chatbots, interactive voice response systems, mobile rewards solutions, and more.

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, governments, cutting-edge tech firms, NGOs, and universities in 150+ countries, Telerivet's cloud-based platform makes it easy to communicate with mobile phone users at scale via text and voice.

Platform Overview
In order to maintain our market-leading position we need to stay extremely flexible and constantly adjust to changes in the competitive landscape, and Telerivet helps us do that by providing a powerful tool where we can reach out to over half a million drivers across the region in a matter of minutes.
Programmable Communication

Build automated mobile interactions at unprecedented speed

Deploy mission-critical messaging experiences that transform how your organization communicates at scale.

Telerivet's integrated cloud scripting engine, APIs, and drag-and-drop editors support even the most sophisticated mobile engagements.

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Telerivet succeeds brilliantly in aiding communication in low-infrastructure environments, which has made it one of the core implements in our international development tech toolbox.
Infinitely versatile. Works anywhere.
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