Easily coordinating meetings with thousands of people

Vicoba is a microlending organization dedicated to empowering more than 300,000 Tanzanian women through providing access to microfinance loans and financial literacy education.

Vicoba headquarters uses Telerivet as a communications platform to connect with their 200 regional coordinators, who in turn organize and facilitate finance training sessions for 8,000 different groups of women throughout Tanzania. Vicoba’s regional heads are notified of meeting times and informed of session agendas, enabled by Telerivet’s seamless SMS services.

"We are very happy with using Telerivet so far, and there is much more we will do with the services in the future. I envision using Telerivet to allow communication among every Vicoba group. We have 300,000 members - they could learn so much from interacting with each other!"
- Devota Likokola, President