VOIP Providers and Devices

You can easily integrate Telerivet with any voice-over-IP (VOIP) provider or device that can send incoming calls to a SIP URL.

This lets you bring your own network connectivity, and use Telerivet to build your IVR system.

How it works

To connect your VOIP provider or device to Telerivet, you can connect your VOIP provider to a Twilio SIP Endpoint, then connect Twilio to Telerivet.

When you receive an incoming call, your VOIP provider or device will make a SIP INVITE request to the URL of the SIP Endpoint you configure on Twilio. Twilio will make HTTP requests to Telerivet, which runs the call flow that you have defined in your Telerivet account.

Twilio will charge $0.005 per minute for incoming voice calls using the SIP interface feature, in addition to the cost you pay to your VOIP provider.

Telerivet currently only supports incoming voice calls using your own VOIP provider or device. Outgoing voice calls can use either Vonage or Twilio.