Airtime Topup & Transfer

Telerivet can transfer airtime to prepaid mobile phones in over 450 mobile networks in more than 120 countries worldwide.

Transferring airtime can help you power your business operations, messaging services, community outreach, and marketing campaigns:

  • If you use the Telerivet Gateway app to send messages with a prepaid SIM card, easily top up your airtime directly from Telerivet (without needing to buy airtime vouchers from a local vendor)

  • When conducting a poll or survey, send airtime to your respondents to incentivize participation.

  • Offer airtime as a promotion or reward for your loyal customers.

  • Send airtime to your own employees, making communication expenses easily trackable and avoiding the need for cash payments or reimbursements.

Availability and Pricing

Telerivet can also integrate with other airtime transfer APIs upon request, for an additional monthly fee. By integrating with another airtime transfer API, you may be able to send airtime on mobile networks that Telerivet doesn't natively support. Learn more »