Product Overview

The SMS and voice platform to power your organization.

Telerivet makes it easy to connect with your customers, reach your community, and streamline your business operations.

Focus on your mission, not technical hurdles.

Telerivet handles the technical challenges of mobile communication,
so that you can stay focused on what matters to your organization.

Easily create your own automated communication service with Telerivet's point-and-click Rules Engine or our simple developer API.

Telerivet is engineered to maximize reliability and to meet the requirements of small businesses, global NGOs, and anyone in between.

Custom Communication Services

Rules Engine

Build custom services that automatically handle incoming SMS messages or calls and send replies – without needing a programmer or your own servers.

Create if/then conditions to match keywords, groups, and other variables. Automatically send SMS replies, organize messages, send email notifications, or update contact information.

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Developer API

Developers can use Telerivet's simple API to enable their own applications to send and receive SMS anywhere in the world.

Send SMS messages from your application via Telerivet's REST API, and receive notifications of new SMS and MMS messages and incoming calls via Telerivet's Webhook API.

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Integrate with custom gateways and messaging channels

Telerivet can integrate with a wide range of third-party messaging APIs, whether it's a local SMS gateway in your country, or a chat app API like the Twilio API for WhatsApp.

Telerivet can even integrate with USSD gateway APIs, so that you can build custom USSD menus with Telerivet's intuitive drag and drop Rules Engine or by writing JavaScript code.

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Advanced Scalability and Reliability

Scalable messaging capacity

Need to send and receive thousands of SMS messages a day? Not a problem.

Increase your message capacity by connecting multiple Android phones, virtual phone numbers, or SMS shortcodes.

Protect your data

Don't worry about broken or lost devices. Telerivet securely replicates your data on multiple cloud servers, and automatically backs up your data daily. Enable two-factor authentication, IP address restrictions, and other measures to keep your account secure.

Custom message routes

When you connect multiple phone numbers to Telerivet, you can define custom rules to determine which phones send which messages.

Load-balance your messages among multiple phones, increase reliability by avoiding inactive phones, or decrease your SMS costs by keeping your SMS messages in-network.

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Real-time monitoring and alerts

Receive instant email notifications if your phones or automated services experience problems, so you can fix any issues promptly.

If you use an Android phone to send and receive SMS, Telerivet makes it easy to remotely monitor your phone's connection status and battery level from any web browser.

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Airtime Topup & Transfer

Reimburse or incentivize contacts

Transfer airtime to prepaid mobile phones in over 450 mobile networks in more than 120 countries worldwide.

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Powerful Administration Tools

Tailored user access

Give your team members their own user accounts to access Telerivet's online tools. Control access permissions for each user account, so that each team member has the appropriate level of access. Audit the activity logs for each of your organization's user accounts.

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Advanced analytics

Get insights from your customer data with advanced analytics. View statistics and graphs of sent and received messages, or export message history and contacts to a spreadsheet or your own system.

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