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Introducing the first full-featured mobile messaging platform that's ready to use in any country.

Telerivet is an innovative mobile messaging platform that instantly connects businesses and organizations with their customers, employees, and community. No servers, programmers, expensive contracts, or shortcodes required.

Telerivet uses a tool that most people in any country already have – a standard mobile phone. A cloud-based management system routes messages to and from any number of mobile devices, allowing you to reach anyone who has a mobile phone with SMS.

How will you use Telerivet? Whether you're an enterprise, NGO, or small business, the messaging platform you've been waiting for is already in your hands and available now. See what's possible. Activate your account.

Why the name "Telerivet"? And how do you pronounce it?

The name "Telerivet" has two parts: Tele- and rivet.

The prefix Tele- means long-distance (as in telephone, telegram, and television). Telerivet enables organizations to communicate over long distances, and is designed to work even for organizations working in remote areas.

Like a physical rivet used for building ships or airplanes, Telerivet is a connector. Telerivet connects mobile networks to the internet, and connects organizations to their customers, employees, and community. In addition, Telerivet helps your organization be more riveting by capturing people's attention every time you send them an SMS.

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