"I was really compelled because it's a product that actually matters."
"Nexmo is very excited to be working with Telerivet. [...] This is the first partnership in the market to leverage reliable, global SMS deliverability and optimal usability to finally make mobile messaging technology accessible to the 'long-tail' of organizations."
"[Telerivet has] designed a low-cost cloud-based SMS management system and Android app that lets businesses and non-governmental organizations turn an ordinary smartphone into a messaging gateway."
"In a developing country, a text message is greater than the sum of its characters. A text can open doors to micro-financing, give farmers the critical weather information they need, or help a radio station reach its listeners in rural areas."
"The majority of people in these areas are not connected to the Internet but do have mobile phones that are SMS-enabled. But there wasn’t a great way for businesses and organizations to reach consumers at a mass scale in these countries. [...] So the team decided to create the technology themselves."
"[Telerivet's] new Cloud Script API platform will make it easier for organizations and developers to create innovative SMS solutions"
"[For] these Tanzanian farmers, the prevalent technologies are radio and cell phones. By putting them together, in a near zero-cost way, [Farm Radio International] was able to collect data that could influence government policies, which in turn could change lives – using just cellphones and radio."

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