Sending SMS to motivate healthy behavior and improve child health

Nuru International is a nonprofit organization implementing a self-sustaining, self-scaling, integrated development model to end extreme poverty in remote rural areas.

Nuru launches healthcare campaigns to motivate the adoption and maintenance of healthy behaviors identified to improve child health, with a strategy involving both home visits and regular communication via social marketing channels. Telerivet powers Nuru's mobile-focused social marketing by enabling organizers to send important health-related SMS messages to constituent communities.

Nuru's social marketing strategy enables them to legitimize healthy behaviors as socially acceptable and find ways to motivate community members to adopt them. Before Telerivet, direct community outreach on mobile was not possible for Nuru, but today, Telerivet allows Nuru to reach its network of communities efficiently and effectively. In 2014, Nuru's social marketing campaigns are expanding to reach the community with messages from all the Nuru programs including Agriculture, Community Economic Development, and Education.

"As we work to end extreme poverty in remote rural areas, Telerivet helps us get important SMS messages out to the community efficiently and effectively."
Athena Childs Fleisher, Healthcare Program Manager