Customer Stories

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Kiva.orgDirect communication with microfinance borrowersFarm Radio InternationalCommunicating with radio listeners to conduct live polls and send remindersGrabRide-sharing and logistics streamlined with SMSZALORACross-channel marketing with SMSYesBossVirtual concierge and personal assistant via SMSFemina HipAudience interaction with an SMS counseling and advice hotlineSingapore Swimming AcademyCoordinating classes with instructors and studentsAsset Monitoring SolutionsCommunicating with GPS devices for vehicle tracking and fleet managementNuebrand Events CompanySimplifying event planning by automating outreachJuabar DesignKeeping in touch with workers and tracking paymentsWeFarmSharing farmers' knowledge internationally via SMSCaucus for Children's RightsLarge-scale community advocacy via SMSZidishaCommunicating with borrowers across international bordersNuru InternationalSending SMS to motivate healthy behavior and improve child healthmyAgroSMS payment system for farmersInVentureProviding credit scoring and financial literacy training to unbanked individuals worldwideFieldPulse ResearchCollecting representative data in challenging environmentsEco Fuels KenyaConnecting with everyone in the supply chainAnouIntegrating SMS with an online marketplaceNuru EnergySpreading product awareness and tracking paymentsHelen Keller InternationalImproving infants' health via SMS remindersTataSupply chain tracking and customer relationship managementDigital Divide DataQuick and affordable SMS surveys