Product Overview

The mobile messaging platform to power your organization.

Telerivet makes it easy to connect with your customers, reach your community, and streamline your business operations.

Ready to text in your country.

Telerivet is the first ready-to-use SMS communications platform that works in any country – no need for servers or mobile network integrations.

The platform is hosted on Telerivet's own cloud servers, so you can access it from any web browser or smartphone.

Telerivet supports multiple ways of sending and receiving messages:
Android phones, virtual phone numbers, and SMS shortcodes.

Messaging Options

Telerivet supports three different messaging options to fit your location, message volume, and budget:

Telerivet Android App

Deploy immediately, anywhere.

Send and receive messages via an Android phone simply by installing the Telerivet app.

Your organization just needs one Android phone with internet access and service on a mobile network.

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Virtual Phone Number

Available in 36 countries.

In certain countries, you can use virtual phone numbers to send and receive SMS messages from Telerivet's cloud servers at affordable rates.

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SMS Shortcode

We scale with your organization.

Send and receive large volumes of text messages through Telerivet by connecting an SMS shortcode.

SMS shortcodes are expensive, so we only recommend them if your typical message volume is over 10,000 messages per day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Recommended Options by Country

Select your country below to see which methods Telerivet recommends for sending and receiving SMS: